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About Teach My

When my son was 18 months old, I quickly realized that parents are the most important teachers. I spent countless hours scouring stores for tools to teach the alphabet, teach counting and teach reading. When I could not find one kit that did it all, I began creating my own teaching tools that matched some of the tools I had purchased. My son was reading by the age of three and parents at nursery school were asking how I had taught him. It was at this point that I learned "matching" was a key pre-reading skill for young children.

I began structuring focus groups with moms and playgroups to develop an all-in-one learning kit for toddlers. Using the knowledge I gained from the focus groups, I evolved the teaching tools into a coordinated set and called it Teach My Toddler. The overwhelming success of Teach My Toddler in helping parents give their children a head start had me fielding demand after demand for a kit that could be used with babies and another one for preschoolers. I have continued my passion and created the Teach My series including add-on sets and soon an educational bath and travel line of products!

Christy Cook
CEO, Teach My

WEConnect Women Business Enterprise Of The Year 2014

Teach My Awarded WEConnect Women Business Enterprise Of The Year 2014

Teach My is a Women Owned Business



I purchased your Teach My Preschooler Kit from Toys R Us, which first and foremost i want to tell you how fantastic the set is packaged for longtime use, and thank you for the amazingly low price! You opened up my eyes to how smart my 4 year old actually was and words he already knew how to read (must have been through his PBS Kids Shows) I actually felt a little like a bad parent for not knowing his potential!

A VERY Appreciative Mom,
Jenn Gilbert

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loves our Teach My Baby set . When she was younger, I tried to spend the 20 minutes a day with her on it and she knows most of the stuff in the kit. She'll quite often drag the kit to me and ask for "more books". My mom has ordered the Teach My Toddler kits for Laurel and her cousin for Christmas. I can't wait to get it so that we have some new stuff to do.
Alana Jennings-Coutts

We love your kit, or the "Big Box" as my 2 year old son calls it! He gets so excited as I get out the box and practice the activities. I started using Teach My Toddler in Dec, and by now he knows many numbers, letters, colors, and all of the shapes. He feels like he is playing as he matches up the items to books, and posters. I will continue to work with him to strengthen his skills and will be buying teach my pre-schooler as soon as I see he is ready for it!
Lisa Friscia

I have started using Teach My Preschooler as part of my home schooling regimen. My oldest daughter, Katrina, sits down with Monika, my 2 year old, and plays "teacher" with the kit, while I am working with Sonja and Laura (my SK and JK girls) or when I'm teaching Georgia, my 2nd grader. I love the kit!
Michelle Minten